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Believe it or not, but you have already started the process in your therapy.

Believe it or not, but you have already started the process in your therapy. It’s been shown that merely by researching and reaching out to therapists already brings a change in behaviour. Once you reached out to us via phone, email, or contact form, we will connect you to the therapist that best fits your needs. 

The first session, also called the intake session, looks a little bit different than other sessions. Your therapist will ask questions about your symptoms, family history, childhood experiences, and some medical history. You will also be able to set goals and talk about things you’d like to see changed. This is an important step in the therapy process; it’s where your therapist can get a good idea of where you’re coming from and what you’re expecting from therapy.


From then on, you and your therapist will meet regularly (often initially weekly) and focus on building trust and strengthening the therapeutic relationship. A lot of what actually will be happening in session depends on which therapist you will see. (You can find out more here) Most of us follow a person-centered approach with a focus on exploring early attachments. We have therapists that work with grief, trauma, parenting struggles, identity crisis, couple concerns, and all other kinds of issues such as anxiety, depression, and so on. It is our goal for you to be comfortable in therapy while at the same time creating room for some of the challenges to rise up and for them to be processed in a safe environment.


Talking really helps!


We are able to help with a wide variety of challenges: trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, identity issues, parenting issues, couples issues, etc


It’s all about the relationship! Make sure you’re satisfied with your therapist


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