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"This is literally the safest I've ever felt talking with a counselor. Ian is fantastic!"

"Chris is funny. He makes the tough times much more bearable with his sense of humour and candid observations. He is the best! We are lucky to have him on our team!"

"I really appreciate Roshni’s support."

"Marianna made my 8 year old daughter feel welcome and understood. Wonderful experience."

"I really liked our meeting. I felt heard and understood."

"Always appreciate your flexibility and ability to keep [our son] engaged. Thank you for everything you do for our family!"

"[My son] really enjoyed his time with Alexandra today. He said he was glad he went."

"Communication was great and my grandson was relaxed and happy."

"My son had a lot of fun and keeps asking to go back."

"She was super easy to talk to."

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