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Everyone deserves a place to be themselves. 

A treehouse represents the deepest desires of childhood: a place where we find comfort, safety, security and freedom.

At Treehouse Trauma Centre, we help children, teens and adults overcome the hardships—trauma, abuse, anxiety or stress—that keep them from living fully. Our person-centred, humanistic approach helps adults and children break out of unhealthy patterns that undermine their inner strength and equips them to move forward with security, certainty and joy.

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Meet our Trauma Therapists

Our team of professionals offers evidence-based therapeutic approaches that help you uncover your inner ability to live life fully engaged and whole—at any age. All of our therapists have training in trauma-specific modalities, including EMDR, OEI, Lifespan Integration Therapy, Somatic Therapy and more.

Trauma Therapist appointments are available at the rate of $155 per session.

Meet our Recently Graduated Therapists

Our recently graduated therapists are in their first year of practical experience. They are thoroughly vetted, with knowledge of the latest research in counselling psychology. Each therapist is closely supervised and receive ongoing feedback, ensuring they are gaining specific trauma therapy training and providing excellent counselling services. 


Recently Graduated Therapist appointments are available at a reduced rate of $110 per session


Meet our Therapist Interns

Our Therapist Interns are thoroughly vetted Masters students in their last year of school. They have knowledge of the latest research and methodologies in counselling psychology, are supervised by a therapist with at least 5 years of experience and RCC credentials, and also receive ongoing feedback - ensuring continued improvement with each session.

Therapist Intern appointments are available at a rate of $60 per session.

Meet our Administrative Team

We believe in

Living Fully

Our humanist approach helps children and adults become the best version of themselves. We’ll guide you as you discover the agency you already have within—to live life with purpose, joy and hope.

Getting Unstuck

Unhealthy family situations, childhood trauma or abuse, or mental health issues can leave you feeling stuck. We’ll help you emerge from a rut, untangle a conflict and take down the walls that block your progress by equipping you with the tools you need to assess and handle difficult situations—and get unstuck.

Openness & Acceptance

We have a deep affinity with those who’ve experienced trauma and abuse. That’s why we don’t judge; instead, we offer empathy, inclusivity, openness and acceptance. Everyone is welcome here.

The Healing Power of Play

We’re serious about children’s mental and emotional health. That’s why our practice is rooted in playfulness—which helps establish connections while having fun in a safe, stable environment. We let kids be kids, even as they process trauma or stress. But kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from play therapy; adults benefit, too!

Healthier Attachments

We’re committed to helping children and adults form healthy attachments that reduce friction, increase relationship satisfaction and bring lasting healing.


Land Acknowledgment

The staff of Treehouse Trauma Centre acknowledges that we offer our services on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Kwantlen Katzie and Semiahmoo and Matsqui First Nations.

We respect the land and honour this tradition of land acknowledgment that dates back centuries for Indigenous people. With this acknowledgment, we thank those Indigenous people who still live on and care for these lands.

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