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Jayden Keleny

BA, MA in progress

Therapist Intern, starting mid June

Therapist Intern, starting mid June

Jayden is currently a Master of Counselling student at City University of Seattle. She has also completed her Bachelor of Arts degree as a Psychology Major at the University of British Columbia. Jayden has experience working with youth and adults in recovery, as well as experience with trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, developmental disabilities and personality disorders.

Jayden’s approach to counselling is person-centered and is grounded in empathy, compassion, and connection. She incorporates the mind-body experience through somatic approaches, knowing that both the mind and body are interconnected and equal parts of our healing. Knowing that each person’s unique self embodies strengths to attend to themselves in challenging times, Jayden offers tools for practicing and developing the client's strengths and assists in creating comfort, safety, awareness and self compassion. With patience, she encourages the clients' recognition of the sensations in their body, thoughts in their mind, and engages in therapeutic conversation. While creating a safe environment to process and share, there is a beautiful transformation that occurs. With this holistic approach, Jayden hopes to create lasting change for her clients.

Jayden's belief is that every person has their own unique path through life and when we are faced with struggle and overwhelm, as humans we may feel lost. She recognizes that we each have the ability to come together to coregulate and ground one another back into our ideal self. Jayden believes in meeting her clients exactly where they are at this moment, to not apply pressure to get better but to provide a safe space that has the ability to cultivate and inspire growth and empathy. Jayden knows that her clients are resilient and that they have the motivation to achieve their desired level of functioning, therefore her focus is to empower, encourage and guide her clients to their desired outcomes of therapy.

Specializing in therapy for children, youth and adults

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