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Rise above your trauma.

Live life with purpose, joy and hope.

a teen sitting on a couch engaged in a counselling session

Get unstuck from the past.

Unresolved trauma can leave you feeling disconnected or unable to cope.

A couple sitting on a couch enganging in a counselling session

Emerge stronger.

We help children, adolescents and adults in Langley and the Fraser Valley learn to cope with traumas, become more resilient, and move towards true healing.

In-person and online counselling for all ages

Therapy for all

Online and in person

Puzzle icon representing Play Therapy Services

Play Therapy

Play is a child's language; toys are the words

Trauma Therapy Services

Trauma Therapy

3-phase approach to trauma treatment

Nature Therapy Services

Nature-based Therapy

Coming soon

We offer

Session pricing ranges from $60 with our therapist interns

to $155 with our experienced trauma therapists.

Living Fully

Getting Unstuck

Openness & Acceptance

The Healing Power of Play

Healthier Attachments

Start your healing journey today.

  • We’ll match you with a therapist

  • Begin your healing journey


You deserve to be the best version of you.

Using proven therapy techniques, we work with people of all ages on the path to healing and hope.

Everyone needs a place that offers friendship, comfort and security—where we’re free to BE ourselves on the path to becoming our BEST selves. If you’ve experienced trauma, we can help you learn to learn to identify, process and move beyond the hurt–and live your life with purpose and joy. 

"This is the safest I've ever felt talking with a counsellor."

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