Trauma Therapy

We think of trauma therapy in three different phases.

Trauma therapy looks in some way similar to normal therapy and in other ways very different. We think of trauma therapy in three different phases: 1. Safety Building, 2. Trauma Processing, 3. Integration. 

In the initial intake session we’ll talk a bit about some of the background information that might be helpful for us to know while working with you. We look at symptoms, family history, important relationships during childhood and other pertinent issues. 

Phase 1: From the second session on we work on phase 1, creating safety. It's the kind of safety that comes from within yourself that we need to establish in order for the trauma processing to not be overwhelming. So your therapist will work with you on creating a sense of comfort in therapy but also in the therapeutic relationship, as well as lessening anxiety and widening the “Window of Tolerance”. 

Phase 2 is the actual processing of the trauma in which we use several specific therapeutic approaches. All of us are trauma informed therapists and use a variety of techniques to help you process the trauma: OEI, Lifespan Integration Therapy, EMDR, Existential Analysis, etc.

In phase 3 you will be working with your therapist to integrate those processed trauma memories into your daily life. Kind of like the “Now what?” phase. Most often this is the shortest phase of them all.


Depending on the severity of the trauma and the “thickness” of the defense mechanisms, these phases can take weeks, months, and even years. Sometimes you will spend week after week on creating safety, and other sessions you might go through all three phases in one hour. 

Whatever your situation is, we will take it at your speed.

We use the 3 Phase approach to trauma treatment

You will learn how to create safety from within before you process the trauma

You will be able to integrate those trauma memories into your daily life

All of our therapists are trained in a variety of trauma techniques

You’re in the driver’s seat; we will come along with our experience and help you through it.

"And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

J.K. Rowling

—  Name, Title

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